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When you work with Fidelity Clearing Canada, you can tap into a broad range of advanced trading capabilities, including order routing, trailing stops, trade modifiers, and conditional orders. Because our platform — or connectivity with your third-party order management system — links your practice directly to the markets, you'll have more time to manage your clients and portfolios.

As an agency-only broker, we're dedicated to finding a full range of investment products at the best prices for you. Our comprehensive product solutions are designed to help meet the unique needs of broker-dealers and portfolio managers — and deliver the best that the marketplace has to offer through Fidelity's agency trade desk and industry-leading platform.

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Fidelity Clearing Canada Investment Products

Individual Securities
As a client, you'll have access to a wide range of asset classes, including domestic and international equity, as well as new issue and syndicate offerings — and hard-to-find fixed-income products. We offer full omnibus execution and custody, with the ability to settle in over 20 global markets.

Mutual Fund Solutions
Take advantage of a full range of FundServ-eligible mutual funds — and non-FundServ-eligible fund products. Fidelity Clearing Canada can also help you build and support proprietary pooled funds.

Exchange-Traded Funds
Trade a full range of Canadian and US-listed exchange-traded funds (ETFs). You can trust that Fidelity Clearing Canada accesses a network of liquidity providers to ensure best execution of large orders.

Fee-Based Programs
You can support your fee-based programs through our integrated tools — or choose to leverage a range of third-party applications with integration support from Fidelity Clearing Canada. We also offer robust portfolio and performance reporting as part of our core platform, or can provide data to our third-party providers.

Retirement Products & Programs
Maximize opportunity in the retirement space with a wide range of Canadian retirement products and programs. We provide clearing, custodial, and administrative services for a variety of programs, including tax and transaction reporting.

Cash & Lending Programs
Our cash management programs allow you to offer your investors a brokerage account with a range of cash management and banking features. You can take advantage of multi-currency accounts, EFTs, bank wires, and online deposits. We also offer a variety of margin lending and foreign exchange services.

Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)
With Fidelity Clearing Canada's platform, you can access more than 30 GIC issuers and straight-through-processing capabilities to streamline your order management and recordkeeping process.

Market Data & Research for U.S. Securities
Fidelity offers access to powerful market intelligence tools for investment decision support and market monitoring, including high-quality streaming market data, news, estimates, fundamental information, data analysis, and alerting tools.

Fidelity also provides access to one of the most comprehensive, third-party research offerings in the industry to help you uncover new investment opportunities, make informed decisions, and proactively manage client assets.

Products & Trading Solutions

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